Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Churches of Cyprus

Staying in Limassol Cyprus and at the St Raphael Resort ensures you are centrally located and have easy access to all parts of the island through our modern highway network. Stay in 5 star luxury and discover some of the most popular churches on the island.

Ayia Napa Church
A massive structure built in 1903 to replace an earlier church. It is dedicated to St. Veronica and is situated close to the old harbour and the shopping centre. It has a marble iconostasi with interesting icons and wall paintings.

Ayia Triada
A three aisled church built with limestone and dated to 1916. It was built on the site of a church which was part of an older monastic settlement.

Ayios Andronikos Church
By the seafront. This is the Metropolis of Limassol, a Cathedral with a bell tower. There is within the chapel of Ayios Mamas with an interesting 17th. Cent. Iconostasi. It is one of the best surviving on the island and was once Limassol Cathedral.

Katholiki –or Madonna of Pantnassa
It’s next to the Bishop’s Palace and was once the site of a Frankish Monastery. Murals cover most of its walls.

Djamir Kebir Mosque
Close to the castle in the old town. It was built in the 16th century on the foundations of early Christian Churches from
a) 5th/7th early Christian Basilica of the Bishops of Limassol
b) A 3 aisled Basilica rebuilt in the 10th century with domes and
c) a Latin Cathedral built in the 13th century Gothic Style.

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