Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sailing Events

The Limassol Nautical Club organised a sailing regatta on the 30th of September 2012 and invited members of the St Raphael Yacht Club to attend.

Staff Training

Russian Language Certificates were presented on the 12th September at 3pm, to several members of our staff  who worked hard to complete their 40 hour course.

Prodromos in Russia

Prodromos visited Moscow on 18-21st of September to see colleagues and associates.

Autumn Olive Oil treatments at Serenity Spa

Try out some of our new fantastic spa treatments for as little as €30 per treatment.




A select number of hospitality companies and spa hotels are about to be rewarded for their excellence. The European Hotel Awards 2012 have now been judged and St Raphael Resort and Serenity Spa have been informed that they are among the winning entrants.

Top scoring winners from the European Hotel Awards will also compete against other winning companies from Asia Pacific, the UK, Africa, the Americas and Arabia to find the ultimate World’s Best in each category.

Successful companies have been invited to attend a high profile gala presentation dinner at the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square on Sunday, November 4th when the official announcements will be made.

These awards are operated by the organisation which has run the International Property Awards for the last 18 years. Its aim is to seek out the best hotels from each country including those that have been purpose-built for conventions, spa, airports or resorts. Other sections include best sustainable hotel together with best hotel architecture, interior design, marketing and website. Hotel projects are chosen for their green credentials, excellent architectural merit and design.

Stuart Shield, president of the International Hotel Awards, says, “We are delighted to have received such a superb level of entries from across the length and breadth of Europe - both in number and quality. It will be really interesting to see how the region stands up to global competition now we are assessing the contenders for the World’s Best awards.”

Following the awards presentations, the organisers will be holding the International Hotel Awards Showcase at the World Travel Market at ExCeL in London from 5th - 8th November.


For further information on the winning company above please contact:
St Raphael Resort:  Tel:   +357 25 834 200    Email: Website:

For further information on the International Hotel Awards and International Hotel Awards Showcase at the World Travel Market please contact the events team:
Tel: +44 (0) 1245 358877 Email: or visit

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Wings of Dance

We were the proud sponsors of the Stars of World Ballet 'Wings of Dance'. The exclusive premier in Cyprus took place on the 20th and 21st of July 2012 in the Limassol Municipal Garden Theatre.

Krystina with famous BasketBall Player

Our Guest Relations officer Krystina Tatsyy was happy to welcome Mr. Andrey Vorontsevich a professional basketball player of 'CSKA' Russia.

Prodromos visits Iran.

Our Sales and Marketing Manager visited Iran 22nd - 24th of June in order to meet some lovely agents and we hope to welcome many Iranians to our resort. Photo above with Mr. Antonis Christoforou director of Orthodoxou Travel and the Cypriot Ambassador to Iran Mr. Andreas Ignatiou.

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Monday, 16 July 2012


When in Cyprus, don't miss going to 'The Castle'.

This is the only medieval place remaining in the town although it was originally a Byzantine castle. In the small chapel, Richard I married Berengaria and made her Queen of England in 1191. Later, it was strengthened by the Knights Templar. The original Templars Fort underwent reconstruction after it was destroyed by the Genoese in 1370 and its defensive attributes were boosted. Subsequently, it was neglected until 1568 when the Venetians, facing the real threat from the Turks, reinforced it with most of the features you see now. It was then rebuilt and strengthened by the Turks who used it as a garrison and prison. During the 2md World War it became headquarters of the British army. Since 1950 it has been renovated and strengthened and is now open to visitors. It consists of a great hall, prison cells and other smaller rooms.

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Reasons to come to Cyprus.

In Cyprus, there’s always a new world to discover. Cyprus lies at the crossroads of three continents, where East meets West and a new experience awaits for you under the sun every day.
Where inviting beaches, and breathtaking mountains trails lie around Aphrodite’s island.

Nothing beats Cyprus for a beach holiday. With an generous coastline provides a variety of beaches to choose from, to lively resorts, sandy beaches and rocky coves, you are bound to find the right one for you.
Relaxing in the sun is not the only reasons to visit Cyprus. There’s a many of activities you could indulge in and being an island, water sports feature strongly. Windsurfing and sailing can be enjoyed all the year round, while coastal cruising and deep-water fishing are also popular.

Experience at first hand one of the oldest civilizations of the Mediterranean, one that goes back 10.000 years.
The island is like a large museum where you can see evidence of its plaid past. Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Venetians, Ottomans and British all left their mark, making the island a mixture of different cultures and periods.
Cyprus was the first country the apostles Paul and Barnabas visited in their mission to spread Christianity and the first to come under Christian administration.

Cyprus is ideally situated for visitors to meet to from all four corners of the world, making it a perfect location for corporate meetings and incentive travel.
Reached by air in no time continental Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and well served by all major airlines, the island is easy to get to.
The island has everything to make your meeting, conference, incentive or other corporate event a success.
Cyprus has the formula for an experience every one will remember.

In Cyprus you will enjoy a second honeymoon. Cyprus provides the most romantic locations from secluded coves, to sandy beaches with sparkling blue sea and breath-taking sunsets.
Cyprus, the island of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek mythological goddess of love and beauty, provides the idyllic choice for a wedding holiday.

St Raphael Resort and Marina is located centrally on the South Coast of the island in the town of Limassol.  Perfectly located to ensure that you have easy access to all parts of our beautiful island.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Weddings at Sailor's Rest Lounge Bar Restaurant

We would like to congratulate Mr and Mrs Pissarides on the occasion of their recent wedding and party. 

Some photos from past wedding dinners at Sailor's Rest Lounge Bar Restaurant

Eden Garden Games Room

The perfect fun area for all our teenage and younger guests.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Take Seashells Beach Tavern Home with you!

Take Seashells Beach Tavern home with you. Check out our brand new Take Away Menu.

Live DJ at Sailor's Rest Lounge Bar Restaurant

Live DJ at Sailor's Rest Lounge Bar Restaurant in St Raphael Marina. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 9pm till late.
For more information or to make a table reservation, please don't hesitate to contact us on (+357)  25 834 242 or email

Experience the sites and delights of Sailor's Rest Lounge Bar Restaurant in the St Raphael Marina whilst listening to the tunes of DJ Matheos.

Karaoke Nights at Seashells Beach Tavern

Every Wednesday evening from 9pm till late, sing your favourite karaoke songs and create some great memories with your friends, whilst enjoying the sights and delights of Seashells Beach Tavern at St Raphael Beach. We have a brand new alacarte menu for your to tickle your taste buds. We look forward to seeing you. For more information, please give us a call on 25 834 262 or message us on Facebook.

Some singing stars :)

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Nissan Event at Sailor's Rest

On the 30th May, Pilakoutas Group hosted a luxurious event at the Sailor's Rest to promote the new Nissan Murano and Nissan GT-R.


Interested in having your event in Style at the Sailor's Rest Lounge Bar Restaurant, drop us an email or give us a call on (+357) 25 834 242

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Guaba Events and Famous DJ's staying in the hotel

We were pleased to welcome many famous DJ's this month including ELOD M CSASZAR" & “MARIO EGETO, Marien Baker, Porter Robinson, Dan Barnhart, NERVO girls, Denis Chepikov and Alexander Shapovalov who all peformed at the wonderful Guaba Club -

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IMEX 2012

Farah Shammas at the CTO stand where we were offering free hand massages to visitors, colleagues and friends.

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AGTA and CTO event in London

Noel Josephides (AGTA), Lena Georgiou (St Raphael Resort) and Lillian Panayi (UK CTO) on the 16th May at the Dorchester Hotel.

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Churches of Cyprus

Staying in Limassol Cyprus and at the St Raphael Resort ensures you are centrally located and have easy access to all parts of the island through our modern highway network. Stay in 5 star luxury and discover some of the most popular churches on the island.

Ayia Napa Church
A massive structure built in 1903 to replace an earlier church. It is dedicated to St. Veronica and is situated close to the old harbour and the shopping centre. It has a marble iconostasi with interesting icons and wall paintings.

Ayia Triada
A three aisled church built with limestone and dated to 1916. It was built on the site of a church which was part of an older monastic settlement.

Ayios Andronikos Church
By the seafront. This is the Metropolis of Limassol, a Cathedral with a bell tower. There is within the chapel of Ayios Mamas with an interesting 17th. Cent. Iconostasi. It is one of the best surviving on the island and was once Limassol Cathedral.

Katholiki –or Madonna of Pantnassa
It’s next to the Bishop’s Palace and was once the site of a Frankish Monastery. Murals cover most of its walls.

Djamir Kebir Mosque
Close to the castle in the old town. It was built in the 16th century on the foundations of early Christian Churches from
a) 5th/7th early Christian Basilica of the Bishops of Limassol
b) A 3 aisled Basilica rebuilt in the 10th century with domes and
c) a Latin Cathedral built in the 13th century Gothic Style.

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Discover the Ancient City of Amathus in Limassol Cyprus

Ancient Amathus

This ancient city kingdom is situated 5 miles east of Limassol not far from St Raphael Resort. There are many legends as to who established the city. One was that it was founded by Amathus son of the King of Paphos, Aerias. Another one stated that it was Amathusa, the daughter and another Paphian King Kinyrar. It dates to before 1,000 BC and by 800 BC it was a strong and important trading port and focal point of Phoenician influence. In 700 BC it become part of the Hittite kingdom and between 295-27 BC it was one of the 4 Egyptian Ptolemaic capitals in Cyprus. The Akropolic, with its commanding position, has it own fortifications within the reinforced city

Amathus has a mixed population and culture as Greeks, Phoenicinas, Jews and Egyptians all lived together by the commercial harbour. Greek was the main ruling and cultural element and the Phoenicians were traders. However, their relationship with the Greeks was clouded when, in the 5th and 4th centuries BC, they sided with the the Persian rulers against local Greek rebellions which were eventually suppressed. In 332 BC Kind Androcles supplied ships and men to Alexander the Great in his drive against the Persians. During the Roman period it reminded the capital of one of 4 districts and retained some influence and stability.
Its decline started in the early part of the Byzantine period due to earthquakes and the numerous and vicious raids by Arabs who destroyed it. The inhabitants were either killed or taken as slaves and its treasures were looted.

Book Hotels in Limassol and visit the ancient city of Amathus.

The Site of Ancient Amathus is made up of a number of key areas:

1. Acropolis & Basilica
2. The Walls
3. Remains of Walls
4. 5th Century Basilica
5. Part of Lower City
6. The Agora
7. The inner harbour site of ancient Amathus
8. Submerged harbour
9. Ayios Tychonas Church
10. Royal Tombs
11. Shrine of Ayia Varvara
12. Cistern
13. Medieval Monastery
14. Site of Basilica
15. Rock hewn tombs

It was here that Richard the Lionheart actually landed in 1191. Like others before him, he ransacked the city, its final blow. The Franks used it as a quarry transporting local stone to Larnaca by sea. Most of its ancient glory has been destroyed forever, either by the notorious Cesnola or later by the transportation of stones from the walls to as far away as Egypt to construct the Suez Canal. The majority of the finds were sold on the open market and are now in private collections, European and American museums. The most important collection being at the New York Metropolitan Museum.

Book Hotels in Limassol and visit the ancient city of Amathus.

To be Seen at Amathus

The Early Christian Basilica - which commands panoramic views from the submit and dates from the 6th/7th century. It was built on the site of an ancient Temple and sanctuary of Aphrodite. Archaeologists have unearthed many rooms and chambers some with patterned mosaic floors.

The Acropolis - there are the remains of some walls and other buildings.

The Basilica - from the 5th century is by the roadside.

The Agora - has been recently excavated revealing several structures and collonades which have been partially restored.

The Shrine of Ayia Varvara - a cave cut in the rock dedicated to pregnant women - not much remains to be seen.

Ayios Tychonas Church - a recent excavation on the eastern side of the area, these include the ruins of the medieval Cathedral plus other buildings.

Medieval Monastery - remains here of an old funerary chapel with mosaic floors and a cistern hewn from the rock.

The Harbour - which has been submerged under water, Aerial photographs and other studies carried out with the latest technology have revealed the extent of the ancient harbour which was huge. On a calm day the foundations of the wall can be seen beneath the surface of the sea.

The department of antiquities has carried out various excavations in recent years and the funds are exhibited in the Limassol District Museum and the Nicosia Museum. This part of the city is open to the visitors during the day.

Opening Hours: Summer daily 09-00-19:30 Winter daily 09:00 - 17:00 There is a small entrance fee.

Other Areas near Amathus:

Ayios Tykhonas is just north of Amathus and was part of the outskirts of the ancient kingdom and excavations have brought to light house foundations and other remains including Doric items such as columns etc. The vaulted church of Ayios Tychonas, with its thick walls, contains some lovely old icons.

Armenohori to the north this area was once occupied by Armenians - hence the name. Signs of Neolithic occupation have also been discovered and in Medieval times it belonged to the Grand Commanderie.

Sfalangiotissa Monastery is further to the west and close to Ayios Athanasios village. It is set in peaceful surroundings and has been restored from the neglect of the past. There are now a few monks who look after the land. It is best known for the miraculous icon of Panayia Sfalangiotissa which is held in great respect by the villagers.

Book Hotels in Limassol and visit the ancient city of Amathus.

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