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Cyprus in Carnival Mood!

Cyprus in Carnival Mood
11th - 14th of March 2016

Fantastic Carnival Packages at St Raphael Resort

In Cyprus, no one can deny that by hearing the word “Carnival”, the first thing that comes to mind is the city of Limassol. This is the city directly associated with the majority of the Carnival parties, the endless Carnival Serenades as well as the most unforgettable Carnival moments.

The King of the Carnival is ready every year to give the green light for all carnival parties to begin, right before the celebrations of Green Monday.

Carnival celebrations are not only limited within the Limassol district, but instead they are spread in all different areas of the island. Special celebrations also take place in the capital, with the Municipality of Aglantzia taking the leading role in the arrangement of amazing Carnival events.

In any case, the main heroes of the Carnival are the numerous little kids, who add the most positive tone with their colorful costumes and carefree smiles. At the same time, there are hundreds of older people who love to wear different types of costumes and become creative and original this period of the year.

The starting point of all Carnival festivities is the famous “Tsiknopempti”, also known as "Grilling Day", the day when the King of Carnival enters the city of Limassol. The kids’ parade takes the button together with all other party events organized by the well-known “Kantadorous” (groups of people singing serenades). The Carnival ends with the Big Official Carnival parade, which takes place at the center of the city, immediately before Lent.

The kid’s parade in Limassol, takes place next to the coastal area, at the center of the town. The big carnival parade attracts hundreds of people every year, locals and foreigners, who come to spend the whole day in the busy streets of Limassol, all in a special festive mood. Groups of people singing Carnival serenades accompany the various teams participating in the parade while the streets are decorated in a uniquely original way.

Moments of endless entertainment are waiting every person who decides to join any of the Carnival events. The atmosphere is just amazing, prompting everyone to take some time away from the everyday obligations and spend moments of relaxation and enjoyment. This is the time for everyone to enjoy every year’s Carnival Events to the maximum, by making sure that the Carnival costume chosen is original enough to make the difference!
Sailor's Rest Carnival Party

Sailor's Rest Carnival Party

Sailor's Rest Carnival Party

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